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Jeff Seid vs Lazar - Who Do Girls Think Has A Better Body?

Neither of the two guys are fake! The muscle is real. And I love how these women who aren't nearly as desirable as Jeff or Lazar are judging things wrong about them.

Lazar with a dog

Exclusive: Lazar Angelov Interview for INTHIM

Interesting facts and tips on training.

Teammate of the Day is Radostin Cvetanov!

Teammate of the Day is Hussein Farhat!

Teammate of the Day is Robert from Germany!

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2016 Won't Change Anything Unless You Do

2015 has been a very tough year for me from the beginning. I've been doing sports for the past 20 years without any serious injuries but in the beginning of 2015 my body just crashed. So I spent the whole year visiting doctors and physical therapists all over the world. I'm still grateful for everything 2015 taught me because I take all the struggles I'm going through in my life as tests I have to pass to get stronger and wiser. I want to wish myself and all of you a better 2016 full of health, love and success. Don't forget that it's us who make the changes. Things won't get better if we don't try to make them better. I've made some changes in my life but some things will never change. I will still hit the gym on January 1st for a leg workout like I do every year. Maybe not that heavy as before, but I'll still give my 100% like I always do.

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