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Lazar Angelov Facebook Profile Photo

Chest/Back Workout 2014

Lazar Angelov in the Forest

Finishing Back Workout With Some Good Old Pull-Ups

Train Like An Athlete

We Never Want To Look Like You

Lazar Angelov Pumpin'

Lazar Angelov Shoulder Workout [2006]

Lazar Angelov Interview [2006]

Amazing abs by Lazar Angelov



Making Of The Photoshoot For

Lazar Angelov Got Gunz Photoshoot 2012

Mutated Nation Commercial

Lazar Angelov's 28th Birthday Celebration

Lazar Angelov is too shredded for YouTube

Shoulders Day #NoDaysOff

35 Days Without Rest Day

New training videos coming soon on my Youtube channel

Havin' Fun at The Gym

Denis and Friends Late Night Talk Show

Motivation For Success - The Inspirational Story

Lazar Angelov - Shredded & Aesthetic

Lazar Angelov arms workout 2013

Lazar Angelov - The Pursuit of Success Motivational Video

Lazar Angelov Chest Workout Video 2013

Lazar Angelov's cardio session

Lazar Angelov - Shoulders Workout With Slavi Goranchovski

Lazar Angelov's Before/After Body Transformation Video

Lazar Angelov from Sofia, Bulgaria


Just another day at the Gym

ABS: The Secret Revealed

Workout at Gym - Lazar Angelov

Fitness Motivation - Be Your Own Hero

Lazar Angelov in Egypt

Lazar Angelov: The path to the perfect ABS

Lazar Angelov in Zurich, Switzerland

Lazar Angelov Facebook Profile

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