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Lazar Angelov in the Forest

Finishing Back Workout With Some Good Old Pull-Ups

Train Like An Athlete

We Never Want To Look Like You

Shoulders Day #NoDaysOff

35 Days Without Rest Day

New training videos coming soon on my Youtube channel

Lazar Angelov from Sofia, Bulgaria


Just another day at the Gym

ABS: The Secret Revealed

Workout at Gym - Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov in Egypt

Lazar Angelov Facebook Profile

Staying Motivated: 4 Tips For Lasting Fitness If you visit Lazar Angelov's Facebook profile, you'll see that staying motivated to be the best you can be—to press on and achieve more when it comes to personal fitness—is a subject dear to Lazar's heart. Too many people start strong when it comes to trying to achieve their fitness goals and then, as the demands of daily life pile up and their exercise routine begins to feel like a monotonous chore, they lose momentum. To prevent this from occurring, you should:

1. Set realistic goals. Start with small steps and then build up to more ambitious goals as your fitness level progresses.

2. Vary your workout routine. Doing the exact same activities day in and day out is almost certain to lead to boredom, so try to change your fitness plan around every few weeks; you'll also work out a wider range of muscles this way.

3. Get social. Interact with other people who are trying to get—and stay—fit so that they can help motivate yo…

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