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East Mode Workout

East Mode 90-Day Transformation Program
Getting a Six-Pack: Why You Should Try an Assisted 90 day Program

Many factors go into etching out the perfect six pack: diet, resistance training, a cardio regimen, knowing when and how to vary your workouts, and of course, staying motivated. As such, it's essential that you not try to go it alone, especially if you want fast results.

Luckily, thanks to the advent of the internet, there's no reason to have to invest in a personal trainer. Online programs, such as the East Mode 90 day body transformation package (with personal coach Lazar Angelov), offer all the guidance you'll need to get in great shape, fast.

East Mode Workout

These programs include:

-Varied workout routines. It's hard to know how and when to change your tried, tested, and true workout plan—but it's necessary to do so if you want to get six pack abs. Our bodies easily adjust to the “same old” workouts and are no longer challenged by them, so we have to come up with the right amount of variety to keep our bodies pushing their limits. Having an online coach is an easy to way to keep things fresh, even when you run out of ideas.
East Mode Workout Lazar Angelov

-A specialized diet guide. It's extremely difficult to know what's actually in food these days; processed foods contain long lists of “mystery ingredients” which may be hidden sugars, preservatives, carbohydrates, etc. Even if you do your best to eat “clean” and healthy, it's easy to get tripped up—bananas, for example, may be a healthy food, but they are nonetheless very high in sugar, and not a wise choice if you're trying to achieve cut abs. Having a provided diet plan is therefore the best way to ensure you're eating the right foods to attain six pack abs.

Lazar Angelov East Mode Workout

-Individual advice and support. When trying to go it alone, it's easy to become frustrated and give up when what you're doing isn't working, or when you just get tired and feel you aren't seeing results fast enough. Having a personal support team is key to pointing out where you're going wrong with your workouts, and essential to providing you with the support you need to keep pressing on even when it gets hard.


  1. I'm visiting you website so yeah, I'm looking to get a six pack fast. I probably left it too long because I have only 5 weeks until I go on vacation, but I am gonna do my best.


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