Lazar Angelov Unbelievable Six Pack and Arm Exercises

Six Pack and Arm Exercises by Lazar Angelov. Unbelievable 6 Pack Workout with Lazar.
Want Cut Abs? Work Out Your Arms and Legs

As Lazar Angelov demonstrates, the road to getting six pack abs is not paved with crunches alone. If you're seeking a cut six-pack, you need to work out your whole body in order to improve “core strength”. To achieve this, you will need to train your calves, forearms, back, and abs together.

    When you train your oblique muscles, through actions like lifting, you give vital support to your developing six-pack and burn fat from your sides as well. Arm workouts also force you to extensively make use of your back muscles, which is needed to form a strong and powerful core and give your ab muscles a boost. Think about it, when you do a crunch, what part of your body is doing half the work? Your back. What is lifting your head? Your arms.

    The body is not composed of a number of disconnected systems; the various units of muscle within it work together in synergy, each strengthening, and relying, upon each other. When you extend your arms during an exercise, you place a great strain on the upper region of the rectus abdominis, forcing these muscles to work in ways not accessed by simple crunches. Muscles are, after all, 3-dimensional entities; in order to truly sculpt them, you have to work them from every angle, from all possible sides.

    Likewise, variety is key when trying to keep your body burning calories, and in order to achieve diversity in our workouts, we must use as many muscles in as many different ways as possible. Therefore, you should work out your calves, abs, back, and forearms in various rotations—making sure to change the order and type of them regularly—to ensure your body doesn't build up too much “muscle memory” and cease to work as hard.


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