Lazar Angelov's Transformation 2004-2006

Lazar Angelov Transformation Photo 2004
As you can see in Lazar Angelov's Before/After Body Transformation Photo (2004 – 2006), Lazar was already in pretty good shape back in 2004, but where most people would usually plateau in their fitness efforts, Lazar pushed through and took his body to the next level.

If you're looking to get results like Lazar's but find yourself struggling to take your fitness level from “good” to “amazing”, try implementing the strategies below:

1. Supercharge your diet.

Many people who work out regularly allow themselves to “cheat” a bit when it comes to what they eat as they know they're burning off the excess calories by exercising. However, to get a body like Lazar's, you have to streamline your diet in such a way that your body builds muscle while also keeping an extremely low body fat percentage. This can usually be accomplished by focusing on lean protein (e.g. fish, chicken breasts), whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables while also avoiding “simple” carbohydrates (like white bread), sugars, and starches. (Lazar's book, Abs: The Secret Revealed, contains a more in-depth diet plan to follow for fast results.)

2. Vary your workouts.

If you exercise the same muscles in the same way each day, your body gets used to the routine and is no longer sufficiently challenged by it. You should therefore make sure to work some diversity into your training regimen, changing which exercises you do (and in which order) every few weeks. You should also look for opportunities to push your body in ways you normally don't; for example, you can try going on a week-long hiking trip.

3. Keep yourself motivated.

Just like our bodies become complacent when faced with routine, so do our minds; as such, it's vital that you implement motivational strategies. Once again, Lazar's book is an excellent resource in this area: It devotes an entire section to staying mentally primed to attain flawless fitness.


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