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Sarah Stage Workout & Pregnant Photos - 9 Months with Sarah Stage

Lingerie model Sarah Stage ignited controversy with her pregnancy six-pack.

Sarah Stage

Sarah Stage Workout Video

Published by Jessica Quezada: My friend Sarah and I took our boys to a park to workout. This was very challenging and tiring, but fun at the same time. Working out is possible you just have to find ways to make it happen. We clearly couldn't get in the best workout because of our wild ones but anything is better than nothing.

Sarah Stage Pregnant Photos

Sarah is a model based in Los Angeles. She is here to share the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. She's also 8 and-a-half months pregnant and the size of her baby bump along with the type of pictures she is posting has caused quite a stir on Instagram. Perhaps the original six-pack mom, this lingerie model got her break during pregnancy when her well-defined abs went viral.

Nearly 9 Months Pregnant And Still Has Defined Abs


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