How to Build A Sexy Back - Workout for Women 2017

The back is often an overlooked muscle group for everybody. What we’re doing here is setting you up for your focus day. When we are doing a focus session we're specifically trying to develop a lacking body part.

First, we’ll start off with a barbell bent over row. Supinated grip. Either or is fine. Slight bend in knees. Hinge back at the hips. Drop the shoulders down. Neutral spine. Bring the bar right into your bellybutton. Squeeze and retract scapula putting emphasis on the lats.

4 Sets
10-15 Reps
60-90 Seconds Rest

Next, we move on to a single dumbbell row. Ben Pakulski approved.
Row up and keep your elbow nice and tight. Let the dumbbell come all the way down to get a nice stretch in the lats. Squeeze the scapula together.

Lastly, we make our way over to the lat pulldown. Attacking the lats from a different angle. Slight lean back. Puff your chest up. Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Most common mistake with lat pulldown let their shoulders protract and end up pulling with their bicep.

Tip: Think about pulling your chest up to the bar.


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